Policy for Access to End User Data

contained in HIMSA License Management System


The License Management System at HIMSA contains information entered by the End User when requesting the License File used for Noah System or Noah Engine.

The information is entered through a web interface into a database located at HIMSA. This database is hereafter referred to as the LMS database.

Direct access

The LMS database is protected by a password and separated from the web interface by a firewall. The LMS database is located at HIMSA in Copenhagen Denmark and will in the near future, due to security reasons, be replicated with an LMS database located at HIMSA in St. Paul, Minneapolis USA. Both LMS databases will be subject to backup. The backup tapes will be placed in a secure place and only handled by HIMSA personnel. The replication process is planned to take place over a VPN connection.

Software access

The web interface will have access to the LMS database. However only one database record can be accessed at a time. The License Registration Number, which protects access to the web page, can be generated in 3.4*1038 possible combinations; only a valid combination will provide access to a specific record in the LMS database.

Three other applications have access to the LMS database:

         The Proof of Purchase application that creates new License Registration Numbers in the LMS database and has no read access to already existing records in the LMS database.

         The Sales Registration application, that updates the field in the database containing information about which distributor the individual Proof of Purchase is sent to.

         The LMS Support application, that allows changes in the End User information in the LMS database and that allows re-initialisation of the download counter, which controls the download of a new License File. This application can search through the LMS database to find an End User record based on a license number, telephone number, user name, company or any given combination of these criteria. This application can also generate sales statistics grouped by country, distributor, language, country local or any combination of these characteristics.

Transfer of information

The information collected in the LMS database will only be available to employees in HIMSA. Every employee with access to the LMS database will be instructed on how to protect the information from being transferred to any external site or to non-HIMSA personnel.


The only information that may be transferred includes:

         The Proof of Purchase will contain information from the LMS database, but it will only contain encoded non-End-User-specific information.

         The statistic information mentioned above can be used and published by HIMSA, except from information containing distributor or end-user names.


The owner companies of HIMSA will have no other access to the information in the LMS system than any other Licensee of HIMSA.